Rebel Breath a social enterprise dedicated to ensuring that every person has access to breath-centered, frontline resilience-building practices, and the Love that goes with them.

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Ongoing Solidarity

We stand in solidarity with Black/Indigenous People of Color, and all people oppressed under the tyrrany of global, exploitive capitalism. We support local and life-giving enterprise, and envision a time we are all working towards where every person is treated equally and fairly and is supported to become our most amazing selves. Always Remember

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Getting Thru Now, Breathing
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Getting Thru Now, Breathing

More About Rebel Breath

We Believe

We believe that everyone matters, period!

We belive that breathing is a rebellious act, and if shared kindly and with Love, is one of the greatest, most useful gifts we can ever offer.

Founded by Dani Harris and Mark Lilly, the Rebel Breath team have been working for years sharing breathing and resilience-building skills with people in frontline situations, including many who've undergone intense trauma.

We offer trainings, consulting, mentoring, and support to a worldwide community of people working with breath-centered resilience practices.

  • Belfast, Mar 2020 [postponed]
  • Montreal, Apr 2020 -> October 16-18
  • Chicago, May 2020 [postponed]
  • Online, July 2020
  • Toronto, Fall